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Website Design, Website Development & Hosting services have been offered by Wizardome since 2001. Wizardome is driven by a dynamic service-orientated team of experienced workaholics. Combined with the creative utilization of visually powerful computer generated Graphics, focused stategy and Marketing solutions. Thtough our development processes, Wizardome uplifts, nurtures and sustains the brands we manage.

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Custom Website Designs

Wizardome has been involved in designing and building large corporate websites to small business sites. Our professional team of designers will tend to your business needs. View some of our Custom Website Designs

Search Engine Optimization

Wizardome will inspire confidence through; effective current market knowledge on Search engine optomization, impressive value added service, mutually beneficial client relations and a more Total-Solutions way of making your website heard.

We pride ourselves in our extensive SEO (Search Engine Optomization) knowledge in attaining high rankings on Google and other Search Engines. We will show you how to get top rankings and keep them and also how to market your website more effectively.

Earn additional income from your website

Wizardome will also show you how to earn additional income from your website through our affiliate direcory

Wizardome Hosting Resellers

Wizardome and it's Partners/Resellers are a leading supplier of Internet services to the South African market and are pleased to offer you a range of services of all types. Together we currently host thousands of SA websites and are able to supply Internet connectivity via normal copper cable, wireless, and sattelite. Why not sign up as a Wizardome Reseller and join the extensive countrywide WD network of website resellers. No other SA reseller option provides you with access to this many services and trying to "go it alone" means you have to start from scratch. As a Wizardome reseller you start from the top of the ladder, not the bottom, expanding your business overnight.

At Wizardome we tend to change things often, setting up new services and new hosting systems as the IT market matures and grows. So please vitit our site often to see what's new.

In short, you will find that at Wizardome Design & Hosting we will always have a solution for your business, and urge you to contact us down the line if your needs change, or if you simply need something different to the norm. We will help.

Wizardome has partners all around South Africa and as far as the UK, where we currently provide free Internet dialups to Britain. we have resellers in built up areas around SA as well as some stuck away in the countryside.

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Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to having you join our growing family, based on friendliness, good service and a positive outlook on life.

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